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Public School Gatekeepers Is Out Now!

My latest book on customer service in public schools just came out. Public School Gatekeepers: The Customer Service-Driven School Office Professional is a handy, quick-reference guide for any administrative assistants or school office personnel who want to up their customer service game.

In the book, you'll learn loads of tried-and-true methods for taking administrative roles to the next level. We've been using these tricks and tips in my schools for years—many of them straight from my office staff's mouths—like how to turn around a disgruntled guest and have them leave the school a lifelong fan or how to give great service to your boss so you stand out from the rest of the pack.

School leaders can even use this book as a training manual for schools looking to add a customer service flair to their main office. Employees can keep a copy in their desks and open to any page to get a quick tip on a skill or practice to incorporate into their roles.

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