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I've been presenting to schools across the country on how to utilize customer service principles in order to build relationships with students, parents and families, to retain and attract students and to increase overall public opinion of schools. I also speak regularly at national education conferences.



“As a secondary school educator and school board member with almost 40 years of experience, I continually seek best practices for improving student achievement. I have witnessed firsthand how the customer service concepts articulated by Kelly Middleton can transform a school district, impacting every aspect of schooling. While serving in the capacity of school board chair, our district won the prestigious MAGNA Award from the National School Board Association in 2010 due to the implementation of Kelly's trainings on concepts such as relationship building and home visits. He has been instrumental in assisting other schools and districts throughout the country in implementing these customer service concepts.

- Ann Porter, Retired Teacher and School Board Chair

Mason County Schools



"Kelly Middleton presented several times in my school district while I was Superintendent. Each and every time he came to our district, my faculty and staff hurled around his customer service ideas and couldn’t wait to implement them! His trainings are a much needed tool for all stakeholders in schools and communities, understanding the need for customer service in every aspect of education.”

- Nancy L. Hutchinson-Chief Executive Officer of Kentucky Educational Development Corporation



“As the person who gave Kelly Middleton his first job in education, it gave me great pride a few years ago to be able invite him back to conduct a professional development session for our leadership team on the importance of providing great customer service. We had completed a book study of Who Cares, and his presentation hit home, showing us how important it is to not become complacent in how we view our students and parents, who are our indeed our customers. In today’s “war on public education” these concepts are even more imperative. We must make every effort to let our students, our parents, and our community be assured that we hold their most valuable possession in high esteem and are here to make sure that we give them our BEST!”

- Marvin Moore, Superintendent

Rowan County Schools



"In my current capacity as a school district administrator overseeing human resources and student services for a high performing school district, he has led professional development in which I have participated. The same passion Kelly exhibited in the classroom is evident with his focus on customer service in public education. His trainings provideshistorical insight on how public education has gone from a constant and known entity to one in which it has multiple competitors. In true Kelly Middleton fashion, he doesn’t pull punches but rather points out challenges and the missteps our profession has taken. At the same time, he provides concrete steps and examples of customer service strategies that can be implemented and are proven successful.”

- Garet Wells

20 year educator

15 year administrator

2007 Woodford County Educator of the Year

2008 Central Kentucky Special Education Cooperative Educator of the Year

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