About Kelly E. Middleton

Kelly E. Middleton has thirty years of experience in public education and is currently Superintendent of Newport Independent Schools in Northern Kentucky. Kelly has a diverse background as an educator, serving in the role of teacher, coach, administrator and university professor. Kelly has served as a principal at every school level. Kelly moved from school principal to district office and one of his job responsibilities was public relations. This title and job responsibility would completely alter his entire career. Kelly has co-authored two books: Who Cares? Improving Public Schools Through Relationships and Customer Service and Simply The Best: 29 Things Students Say the Best Teachers Do Around Relationships. His newly released third book is titled Competing for Kids: 21 Customer Service Concepts from Top Companies that Public Schools Can Use to Attract and Retain Students. This new book provides public schools strategies to compete for students. In the next decade, schools who fail to treat students and parents as valuable customers will become extinct.


Kelly has also authored numerous articles focusing on customer service and on building relationships in Public Schools.


Kelly has presented many times at The National School Boards Conference, the National School Public Relations Conference and he conducts customer service staff development for all job descriptions in schools throughout the United States.