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Embracing ADHD Superpowers: Lessons from the Gridiron

adhd superpowers

As I eagerly anticipate the release of my sixth book this April, which takes a distinct turn to explore "ADHD Superpowers," I'm continually reminded of the positive impact those with ADHD/ADD have on the world. A recent incident in the AFC Championship game between the Ravens and the Chiefs brought a passage from my upcoming book to life.


The scene unfolded as Zay Flowers, after a triumphant catch, taunted L'Jarius Sneed of the Chiefs—a gesture he would soon regret. Sneed, embodying the spirit of resilience, later forced a fumble from Flowers at a critical moment, preventing a sure touchdown. This wasn't just a game-changing play, it was a moment of athletic karma that echoed a section of my new book, where triumph and tribulation go hand in hand.


Such moments of redemption are far from new in sports. Cast your mind back to the 1970s, when football loyalties were often divided between the Dallas Cowboys and the Pittsburgh Steelers. I was a fervent Dallas supporter until the Jimmy Johnson era. Before the 1978 Super Bowl, Thomas "Hollywood" Henderson of Dallas infamously mocked Terry Bradshaw of the Steelers, saying, "Terry is so dumb that he couldn't spell 'cat' if you spotted him the 'C' and an 'A'." As history would have it, Bradshaw led the Steelers to victory and clinched the Super Bowl MVP award, later quipping to Henderson, "Can you spell MVP?" Another classic case of athletic karma.

Bradshaw, like many exceptional athletes, has acknowledged his ADHD, a trait that he shares with many remarkable individuals. Terry Bradshaw's versatility extends far beyond the football field. His achievements are a testament to someone who has harnessed his ADHD to its full potential. Many are unaware of Bradshaw's struggles in academics and relationships, yet he transformed these challenges into opportunities, a concept that I delve into in my book.


Terry Bradshaw’s Diverse Achievements:

  • Four Super Bowl titles with two Super Bowl MVPs

  • Renowned NFL TV analyst

  • Accomplished Quarter Horse breeder and member of the American Quarter Horse Association

  • Cattle rancher with a passion for the trade

  • Skilled golfer with a competitive spirit

  • Actor with roles in at least 8 movies

  • TV personality with over 35 television episode appearances

  • Creator of his own 51.9% ABV bourbon, a nod to his NFL passing completion rate

  • Gospel singer with a heartfelt message

  • Author and co-author of 5 books

  • Producer of six albums of country/gospel music


Bradshaw's life, filled with diverse pursuits, shows how ADHD traits such as hyperfocus, resilience, creativity, and boundless energy can be channeled into a spectrum of successes. In my book, I explore these ADHD superpowers in detail, aiming to inspire readers to recognize and utilize their unique abilities, just as Bradshaw did.


Through the lens of ADHD, both karma moments on the football field — Flowers' fumble and Thomas Henderson’s comments reminded me of Terry Bradshaw's triumph over adversity and serve as powerful metaphors. They remind us that our greatest challenges can be the source of our most profound strengths. Stay tuned for my book's release, where we celebrate ADHD superpowers and the remarkable individuals who use them to shape their extraordinary paths.


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